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Mr. Liu Shuncheng, the Founder of Bitin, Attended the Night of Mask People
Article source: Biting nose bridge  Pageviews: 193  Release time: 2020-11-26

Mr. Liu Shuncheng, the founder of Biting, made an important speech in the "Night of Mask People" in Shenzhen!


Liu Shuncheng, the founder of Bitin, participated in the "Night of Mask People" held by the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export in Shenzhen and made a keynote speech.


The founder of Bitin, Mr. Liu Shuncheng, a native of Yueyang, Hunan, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University. From 700 yuan to start a business in Shenzhen, the annual output value is now 200 million yuan.


Mr. Liu Shuncheng has many years of work experience in Foxconn Group, the king of manufacturing foundry, and is the world's largest non-profit organization-Lions Club, and an outstanding founding president in Guangdong, China.

Facing the many chaos in the mask accessories industry, Mr. Liu Shuncheng decided to use his years of experience in factories, management, and public welfare to focus on the production of high-quality mask accessories and devote himself to turning small products into professional brand. Realize the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, and build a leading brand of mask nose bridge.


Analyze the pain points of the industry, and compare the brand interpretation of the nose bridge! It is the first time in the industry that there is no disorganization and no decapitation.


Compared with the nose bridge: professional, quality, innovative and efficient! Profession is the development foundation of Bitin, quality is Bitin's code of conduct, innovation is the main point of Bitin, and efficiency is the way of practice of Bi Ting!

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