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Mr. Liu Shuncheng, the Founder of Bitin, was Invited to Participate in the Foxconn "Juyi Technology" Exchange Meeting
Article source: Biting nose bridge  Pageviews: 190  Release time: 2020-11-20

Mr. Liu Shuncheng, the founder of Biting, was invited to participate in the Foxconn "Juyi Technology" exchange meeting

On November 19, 2020, Foxconn's service platform Juyi Technology-"Supply Chain Digital Transformation, Constructing a Win-Win Ecosystem" exchange meeting was grandly held in Shenzhen Hilton Hotel.


At this meeting, Mr. Liu Shuncheng was invited to attend the exchange meeting and make progress with Foxconn Group.


The theme of the conference is: "Digital transformation of the supply chain, building a win-win ecosystem." The RPA process automation robot of Juyi Technology is a digital workforce. It is a kind of software, an assistant, a path of automation, and an average increase of 50%.



Juyi Technology is a global SaaS platform service, digital interaction and mutual prosperity, including Jushang.com, LOT Smart Park, Yigoo Mall, RPA, Fuyixiang.



The meeting lasted more than 4 hours. During the meeting, Mr. He Guorong of Juyi Technology carefully explained the planning layout of digital transformation. Advocate "Stick to the original intention of serving."

 6 "Today, with the rapid development of digital information, we must always maintain a learning attitude. Get in touch with new information, keep up with the new era, and be a new social person" said Chairman Liu Shuncheng. Although the nose bridge of the mask is not a new product, its successive improvements and innovations have greatly improved the production efficiency of the mask factory and achieved "zero scrap" of finished products. Bi-Ting Nose Bridge has made considerable contributions in the field of masks. In the future, we start together!

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