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Liu Shuncheng, the Founder of Bitin, Participated in the Xi'an Marathon
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----2020 Xi'an (Sunac) Marathon


At 7:30 am on November 8, the 2020 Xi'an (Sunac) Marathon fired at Yongningmen, the south gate of the city wall. According to reports, this fourth Xi’an Marathon is one of the 100 “I want to go to the National Games” marathon, and it is also the first race after West Malaysia has advanced to the domestic “Gold Medal Event”.



Liu Shuncheng, the founder of Bitin Brand, was born in Yueyang, Hunan. He was poor since he was a child and determined to make a career. At the age of 19, he borrowed 700 yuan to Shenzhen. He started from scratch, happily learns business, and founded many companies with an annual turnover of more than 200 million.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the quality of masks produced in China was uneven. When the pandemic occurs in 2020, it will not only lose a lot of property but also damage China's image. The low quality of mask accessories is an important reason. Bi Ting provides high-quality mask accessories to protect mankind better The mission of life and health comes. Facing the many chaos in the mask accessories industry, Mr. Liu Shuncheng decided to use his years of experience in factories, management, and public welfare to focus on the production of high-quality mask accessories and devote himself to turning small products into professional brands.

Chairman Liu Shuncheng is also one of the participants in this marathon. This is his first time participating in an official running event. On the occasion of the competition, Liu Dong deliberately brought us "Bitin" work clothes, wherever we walked, the brand of Bi Ting was advertised. Liu Dong is highly enthusiastic about work, and it is this attitude towards life that makes us what we are today.


Look, this golden medal signifies that our chairman successfully completed the West Safety Marathon. Liu Dong is a role model for all our employees to learn from!

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