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In 2020, All Employees of Bitin's Nose Bridge Sales Department Traveled to the Three Gorges of Yichang, Hubei
Article source: Biting nose bridge  Pageviews: 245  Release time: 2020-11-03

-----Journey to the Three Gorges of Yichang, Hubei by all employees of the sales department of Bi Ting Nose Bridge


  Shenzhen Bitin Technology Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contributions to the mask industry during the 2020 epidemic, and solved the urgent need for mask accessories. After the epidemic stabilized, the sales of Bi Ting Nose Bridge showed a straight rise.

   In September 2020, we established the Foreign Trade Department, and the company opened the overseas direct sales of nose bridge accessories manufacturers. Compared with the sales department's domestic and foreign total performance, the first month's performance exceeded 10 million turnover.

   In order to reward the sales department, the company specially organized a trip to the Three Gorges at the end of October.


Mr. Liu Shuncheng, the chairman of the company, is the first tourist city of choice: Hubei Province. To thank the people of Hubei for their sacrifices. Because of the lockdown of the city in Hubei, today's stability has been obtained. The choice of a tourist destination in Hubei Province has been highly approved by all employees of the company. We hope that our tourism consumption can contribute to the resumption of production and work in Hubei Province.

2 From October 29th to November 1st, we visited the national 5A tourist attractions---Three Gorges Renjia Scenic Area, Three Gorges Dam, Three Gorges Waterfall and other scenic spots.



The main significance of this tour is to seek dreams, recharge, and use a kind of surprise and a way of life to meet a new self, and at the same time perfectly interpret the humanized management of the company.





Finally, I sincerely thank the friends from the mask factory for their support and recognition.

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