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To Celebrate the Double Festival, Bitin Nose Strip, In Order to Thank New and Old Customers for Their Long-term Support and Love of Our Company, We Specially Launched Gifts to Give Back to New and Old Customers.
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Midsummer has receded, autumn is as cool as water, time flies by, time flies, and in a blink of an eye it is Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.

Celebrate the double festival, compare the bridge of the nose to thank new and old customers for their long-term support and love to our company, because of you

As always, we have a wonderful situation with our support as always. The following gift programs are specially launched to give back to new and old customers.

Programme of activities:

1. Buy 100KG or more, get 10 Xiaomi Juneng Write Net Red Pens (value: 58 yuan)

2. Buy 100-500KG, get a Mi Mug (value: 88 yuan)

3. Free Xiaomi Mug + Chenpi Tea Gift for purchase over 500KG

Here, all the staff wish you a happy holiday, happiness, and prosperity.


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