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If you want to wear a mask, you will be fined if you don't wear it! These places issue "compulsory mask orders"
Article source: Biting nose bridge  Pageviews: 227  Release time: 2020-08-13

Don't fight, masks are mandatory in these places!

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, many countries have been arguing about whether to wear a mask or not.

With the repeated epidemics, some countries have finally made up their minds recently: wear a mask! Punish if you don't wear it!

United States: Masks are mandatory in many states

In the early stages of the outbreak, some US officials thought it was unnecessary to wear masks, and people who wear masks in public places even received strange eyes.

As of August 13, local time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States exceeded 5.24 million, and the death toll exceeded 167,000.

In response to the recent surge in cases in the United States and the situation where the epidemic is almost out of control after the restart, the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out that whether the epidemic is "seriously taken" is the main reason for this situation.

The media also detailed the mistakes the United States has made in fighting the epidemic, including a series of missteps and misjudgments in response measures; health officials said at the beginning of the epidemic that the public does not need to wear masks; states have not met the conditions for restarting. Restart the economy and so on.

On July 21, local time, the White House restarted the briefing on the new crown epidemic. US President Trump called on Americans to wear masks at the meeting.

Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio have all announced their own versions of mandatory mask orders.

According to CNN statistics, as of July 23, at least 39 states in the United States are implementing some form of mask order.

Even in areas where there is no state-level mask order, some municipal governments have issued mandatory mask orders.

Former US Vice President Biden, who has locked the Democratic presidential nomination, also said recently that he supports the mandatory requirement for people to wear masks across the United States.

Biden said that all Americans should wear masks in public places in the next three months, and all governors should enforce the "mask order" because experts predict that this measure can save 40,000 lives in the next three months.

Australia: Victoria issues mask injunction

Australian Prime Minister Morrison and the federal health department have repeatedly emphasized that ordinary people do not need to wear masks. Only those patients with severe symptoms such as coughing and front-line medical staff need to wear masks.

However, since July, there have been large-scale community transmission cases of the new crown virus in Victoria. To this end, the Victorian capital of Melbourne and Mitchell County implemented a mandatory "mask order" in the early morning of July 23. Residents must cover their mouth and nose with masks or scarves when going out, otherwise they will face a fine of 200 Australian dollars.

Australian Airlines and Jetstar Airways also require that all passengers on flights to and from Melbourne must wear masks from July 23.

However, the Australian Federal Government also stated that other parts of Australia do not need to follow Victoria’s mandatory measures to wear masks.

The Federal Ministry of Health believes that the current community transmission rate of the Australian new crown virus is very low, so it is not recommended to use masks in the community regularly, and wearing masks cannot replace other preventive measures. Morrison also said a few days ago that Victoria's proposal is not a "general proposal" to the people of the whole country.

Malaysia: Not wearing a mask or facing charges

The epidemic situation in Malaysia is gradually improving. The government implemented the "Restoring Movement Control Order" from June 10 to August 31, allowing most economic activities to resume, and schools also resumed classes.

In order to prevent another outbreak of the epidemic, Malaysia will force all people to wear masks in public places from August 1, and offenders will face a fine of 1,000 ringgits (about 1,656 yuan).

Malaysian Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Jacob said that once people do not wear masks in public places, apart from receiving fines, they may also face more serious charges.

However, he said that the government does not limit the style of masks. In addition to medical masks sold on the market, the public can also sew masks by themselves according to the standards set by the World Health Organization.

Philippines: The entire face needs to be covered by public transportation

Since July, the number of confirmed cases in the Philippines has maintained a high growth. On July 21, Philippine President Duterte stated that anyone who spread the virus, refuses to wear a mask, or does not maintain social distancing from others will be arrested.

The Philippine Department of Transportation also announced that from August 15th, in addition to wearing masks, passengers on trains, buses, taxis and other public transportation must wear face masks.

The Philippine Minister of Transportation also reminded the public that the protective cover should cover the entire face, which means that goggles and other glasses cannot be used.

Greece: Wear it from the store to the port ferry

Starting on July 29th, Greek people have entered various shops, public utility companies, hospitals, banks, clinics, municipal buildings, food retailers (bakery, butchers, greengrocers, etc.), as well as public transportation, taxis , Elevators, etc. must wear masks, offenders will be fined 150 euros.

In August, the Greek government once again expanded the scope of mandatory wearing of masks, and issued a “mandatory order” for port ferry masks, stipulating that from August 4th to August 18th, passengers traveling by boat, whether in the cabin or on the deck A mask is required on both sides.

On the day the new regulations came into effect on August 4, the Greek authorities have begun strict inspections on passengers wearing masks.

For any violation of regulations, the government will impose different levels of penalties: passengers and crew will be fined 150 euros, and shipowners and managers will be fined 1,000 euros.

France: fine for not wearing a mask

The French epidemic has rebounded, and many French cities such as Nice, Rennes, Lille, Marseille and La Rochelle have implemented outdoor masks.

On August 10, the French capital Paris and its surrounding areas also joined the "team" of mandatory outdoor masks.

The "Mask Mandatory Order" stipulates that from August 10 local time, in outdoor public places in the designated area of the Paris Region, children and adults over 11 must wear masks.

It is reported that the French outdoor mask order is based on exhortation at the early stage. People who enter the specified area will be reminded within ten days, and then violators will be fined 135 euros.

UK: Expanding the scope of the mandatory mask order

After the closure, the number of patients with new coronary pneumonia in the United Kingdom continued to increase. On July 24, the British government announced the implementation of a mandatory mask order in stores and supermarkets.

On July 31, British Prime Minister Johnson stated at the epidemic briefing that the relaxation of the anti-epidemic blockade measures originally scheduled to take effect on August 1 will be postponed for at least two weeks.

In addition, from August 8th, the British government has once again updated the regulations on wearing face masks and other face shields. In addition to previously included shops and supermarkets, people must wear them when entering museums, cinemas and other public places. The measure will be implemented in accordance with the law from August 8.

In addition to wearing masks, other countries' anti-epidemic measures are also constantly updated.

The embassies and consulates abroad have also issued many reminders to remind Chinese citizens to abide by local epidemic prevention measures and take personal protection.

The urgency is understandable, but the fact is that the epidemic has not completely ended, and the risk of infection still exists.

Now we must remain vigilant and take precautions!

Safety and health is the greatest happiness!

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