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Article source: Biting nose bridge  Pageviews: 167  Release time: 2020-08-13

On July 18, 2020, the much-anticipated 2020 Shenzhen International Anti-epidemic Materials Global Procurement Expo was grandly opened in the world's eye-catching capital of technological innovation and an important production base for epidemic prevention materials-Shenzhen Shajing Central Asia International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The expo covers an area of 10,000 square meters. More than 300 well-known brands and exhibitors gathered together. More than 5,000 representatives of chambers of commerce in China, traders, and professional visitors from various countries participated in this expo. As a professional brand in the field of mask nose bridge strips, Bi Ting Nose Bridge Strips was also invited to participate grandly and named the Expo.

Chairman Liu Shuncheng, founder of Biting Brand

Chairman Liu Shuncheng, the founder of Biting Brand, said in an interview: Biting Nose Bridge, as a professional brand, is committed to solving the pain points of the industry. Through nearly 3 months of assiduous research by the R&D team, it cost 2 million RMB to purchase advanced production equipment, winding equipment, and testing equipment, using imported HDPE high-performance PP plastic material and special soft environmentally friendly galvanized iron wire to improve the production process. The technical problems and common industry problems of "easy to be scattered, broken ends, poorly packaged, and exposed wire" of the nose bridge are solved.

Bi Ting was the first in the industry to put forward and promised: Bi Ting’s slogan for the nose, no disorganization and no broken head. Create and lead the industry to a higher level of development, provide better quality and worry-free products for customers in the mask industry, and contribute more than people's wisdom to the transition from "Made in China" to "Made in China".

Mr. Qiu Chuangbin, co-founder of Bi Ting Nose Bridge

At the Expo, Mr. Qiu Chuangbin, the co-founder of Bi Ting Nose Bridge, also accepted an exclusive interview: expressing warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to customers, employees, suppliers, and media friends who have given Bi Ting's strong support and help for a long time.

Bi Ting Nose Bridge has released a new product: Brief introduction of atmospheric, strong and durable outer packaging, pioneering the industry standard weight design of 7.5KG/roll of nose bridge, abandoning the non-standard three-volume one box, one box of 20-25KG commonly used in the industry weight. Using 2 rolls of 7.5KG, 15KG weight per box. The handling is easy and convenient, which is convenient for logistics and delivery, and also reduces transportation damage. Because of the standard weight, it saves a lot of time for customers to order and receive goods, and greatly enhance the customer experience.

The new product attracted the attention of many customers. The customer representative Mr. Zhang was interviewed

Innovation never ends, service creates value. I believe that with the support and cooperation of many parties, Bi Ting will take a more brilliant step and become a star leading the development and progress of the mask nose strip industry.

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